Drop off and Pick up Arrangements from Tuesday 13th October

We are looking forward to welcoming all of the children (Foundation – Grade 6) back to school

Drop off Arrangements (from Tuesday 13th October)From Tuesday 13th October onwards the drop off times will be:

  • 8:45am – 8:55am F-2 students and any siblings

  • 8:55am – 9:05am 3-6 students

The children can enter from any gate. Gates will be locked at 9:15am. The front gates will be open in the morning as normal with a staff member allocated to each gate from 8:40am until 9:15am. The back gates will not be opened until 8:40am.

Any students arriving after 9:15am will need to enter via the office and collect a late pass.

Pick Up Arrangements (from Monday 12th October)

Grades F-2 (and siblings) will be dismissed with A, B, C and D leaving from the library gate and E, F and G leaving from the oval gate.

The Library and Gym gates will remain closed until the pick-up process starts. The back gates will not be open until 3:15pm and closed at 3:30pm.

  • Grade 2 and any siblings – 3:00pm (Library and Gym gates)

  • Grade 1 and any siblings – 3:05pm (Library and Gym gates)

  • Grade Foundation and any siblings – 3:10pm (Library and Gym gates)

  • Grades 3-6 – 3:15pm (with no siblings in F-2) will be dismissed at 3:15pm and can leave from any gate.

The following parent actions would assist in this process:

  • Parents are not allowed to enter the school grounds
  • Ensure you remain socially distanced from other members of the school community
  • Wear a face mask
  • Consider the safety of all when in the car park
  • Adhere to the signs and follow the pickup process – including the flow of movement when picking up and dropping off your child
  • Walk or ride to school
  • Park in side streets and walk
  • Arrive at the designated times

Siblings can arrive and will be dismissed at the same time as their brothers and sisters.

Where possible it is important that children are at school all day. Please try and make appointments out of school hours.

If this is not possible please avoid coming to collect your children during recess (11.00 - 11.30am) and lunchtime. (1.30 - 2.15pm)

Due to the staggered pick up times at the end of the day, we will not be able to organise early dismissal for children after 2.30pm. 

Thank you for your support and cooperation.