Grade 2 Sleepover

Grade 2 Sleepover

On Friday 25th October the Grade 2 students are participating in the Grade 2 Sleepover.

This activity will be held at school from 5.15pm on Friday 25th until 8.00am on Saturday 26th October

The children need to bring along bedding (air/foam mattress, sleeping bag/ doona and a pillow), they will need their pyjamas and a change of clothing for Saturday. Send in their toiletries and items for them to have breakfast (plate / bowl / spoon / cup).

Please let the school know if you are able to help out distributing dinner on Friday evening or helping with breakfast on Saturday morning at 7.00 am.

The program for the Sleepover will be as follows:


5:15pm ~ Return to school.

5:45pm ~ Dinner (BBQ).

6:15pm ~ Outdoor activities, games etc.

7:00pm ~ Icy-pole break

8:00pm ~ PJ’s on and DVD

Followed by Supper and Bed Time.

(Please note that the buildings will be securely locked and children will be under the supervision of the teachers at all times.)


7:00am ~ Wake up time, get dressed, pack up bedding and head over to breakfast.

8:00am ~ Parents pick up children

Please return the permission slip including your child's dinner order together with payment of $25.00 by Friday 18th October.

Grade 2 Sleepover Note.