? Specialist Timetable at Craigieburn Primary School

Specialist Timetable

Craigieburn Primary School offers the following Specialist Program - Art, Physical Education, Performing Arts and Information Technology.Students will have a combination of 3 of these for a semester.

Students in Foundation to Grade 2 will also have Italian classes.

Students have the opportunity to borrow books from the School Library. Our School participates in the Premiers' Reading Challenge.

ART - We have a specialised Art Room where the children participate in many varied activities. The Art room has a set of Art Smocks for children to wear to protect their clothing.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION - Children participate in regular Physical Education activities. Our Grade 6 students participate in the Inter-School sports program on Friday mornings.

PERFORMING ARTS - Students have the opportunity to experience music, drama and performing in a number of ways including our School Concert, Christmas performances and the School Choir.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES - Our students have access to iPads and laptops in the classrooms.The school uses the programs, Reading Eggs and Mathletics, in the classroom.

ITALIAN -  Our Foundation, Grade 1 and 2 students participate in the Italian program.


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